Our adult and corporate workshops are catered to develop a connection between mind, body and expression. There are lots of ways to express oneself through the use of physical processes and objects.

Note: Corporate workshops can be designed to suit a specific work environment or according to the needs of the organization.

  • 1 } Lose Your Mind, Use Your Body! Laban Movement for the       Performer

    The workshop focuses on the work of Rudolph Laban who created a movement vocabulary that can be articulated and hence executed with a deeper understanding of one's body and of human movement. It can be applied both to text and in physical story-telling. With Laban work, an actor/dancer/mover can break down a movement into its component parts for cleaner and more precise execution. Participants will use 'continuums' and 'efforts', and apply them to the voice and body to create, explore and discover, characters and scenes in depth and with precision.

  • 2 } Story-telling using the body and objects:

  • Do you have an object that has sentimental value? Do you have a story to share? Can the story be told without words, just through the body? Can we tell the story through an object, the body, and sounds?

    Story-telling is an ancient art form, used to teach, to pass on values, to entertain, and to educate. Through the ages people have used this form in different ways, to different ends. A school teacher uses it to impart values perhaps, or to build a child’s imagination, an actor uses it to entertain, the CEO of a company can use it to share an idea a concept; anyone can use it.

    In our workshop we will use objects, the body, sound and the imagination to create stories, that can serve as metaphors for life, personal, work or home situations. The stories can give insight, provide solutions, perhaps, or simply give a playful “take” to a situation. The participants will use their imagination, creativity and improvisational skills to create a group story.

  • 2 } Improvisation workshop:

    Oh god! I don’t know what to say! This is embarrassing! Oh! I should have said this or that or the other! How many times have you had these thoughts? How many times does an idea or a solution come much later? Why do we shut down in situations that require us to be most spontaneous? Improvisation is the art of making things up on the spot; building your abilities, agilities, wit, humour and imagination. The workshop has you thinking every second. Actually it doesn’t let you think. It gives you the opportunity to say the first thing or do the first thing that comes to you, and the more you train the quicker your brain and body get. Improv (as we call it), is great for team building, thinking on the spot and generally letting loose! Fun times!

  • 3 } Body Speak:

    What does your body say? How do you say what you say? Using movement and drama techniques, the workshop will go through physical vocabulary that one uses to understand the body and what it says. This is not a “body language” workshop. It is body vocabulary. How do you move in space, how do you carry your weight, how fast or slowly do you move. The technique is called “Laban Movement Analysis” used by performers but extremely relevant to the corporate as well.
    The Laban Technique is great to analyse situations. It gives a deeper understanding and perception, in reading people and situations.

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