• 1 } Don't Revise, Just Improvise!

    A great workshop to unleash creativity and quick thinking. Participants will learn to create characters, locations, situations out of pure imagination. No texts, no scripts or props or costumes rehearsals, just you and your wit! There's really no need to revise when you can Improvise!

  • 2 } Lose your mind, Use your Body! (a physical story-telling workshop

    Don't think so much just try it! With limited few or no words, how can one tell a story? Participants will be challenged to use their bodies to tell a story, create an environment and characters through their bodies; mime, movement, dance are all part of this fun workshop!

  • 3 } Fly so high you can touch the Sky!

    You've seen this at the circus, you've admired it so why not learn it? This aerial class will introduce the basics of the rope, silk and trapeze. But more than that to encourage the use of these elements into creating a theatrical performance. Improvising, creating and building a short performance using aerial equipment.

  • 4 } The Great Character Parade: Creating,Understanding and Embodying      Characters for the Stage

    How versatile are you? Do you have multiple personalities? Can you? How many shoes can you fit in, how many roles can you play? A great workshop for participants who want to try their hand at clowning, mask-work, stage make-up, costuming and more.Come see how small changes can make a huge difference to the character portrayed on stage.

  • 5 } Rehearse for Life: Get up stand up, speak up, Act!- Augusto Boal and      Forum Theatre

    A workshop that will get participants to stand up and speak up and act in situations where they have felt helpless or underconfident. The work of Augusto Boal and Forum theatre instills in participants a sense of confidence to stand up and take charge in oppressive situations. A political theatre technique that shows you the reality and makes you take action! Stand up to the bullies!

  • 6 } Punctuate, Enunciate and Intonate, Mate! Voice, Speech and Diction for      the stage

    Speak clearly, and communicate with precision and succinctly. A workshop for participants to improve on stage voice and clarity, and use the voice to create different characters.

  • 7 } Write to Perform!( Write, direct, perform)

    Are you a writer, or have had ideas you could not articulate, or do you just want to try your hand at it? Using images, music, and improvisations,this workshop will nudge the writer in you! If you have an idea come see it happen!

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