• Dhirubhai Ambani International School

    Annual Day 2010: The Gift
    FATS TheArts started in 2010 as FAT productions, with this play for the Dhirubhai Ambani International School Annual Day. Written by Asif Ali Baig and Gopal Dutt, the play was directed and choreographed by Faezeh Jalali. The entire school participates in the annual day productions and FATS TheArts (then FAT Productions) was responsible for managing the entire sequence and performance along with teachers from the school. This show had a Christmas theme with

    Annual Day 2011: Utsav
    With the great work done on “The Gift”, FATS returned the following year to direct and choreograph this show about festivals. Once again, written by Asif Ali Baig, Gopal Dutt and Amogh Pant who were part of the FATS team, the production was performed by the entire school to much appreciation from parents and audience. ‘Utsav’ was a celebration of India’s rich heritage. It exhibited the diverse cultures which are interwoven in the fabric of our country through a musical journey of celebrating the festivals of India.


  • J. B. Petit High School for Girls

    Variety Entertainment Program 2009: Umeed
    Faezeh Jalali devised this play with the students of the school. It was about having hope in the tumultuous city life of Mumbai. For those who can barely make it through each day and who struggle to put food on the table, hope is what helps them to get by.

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